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Opening weekend of Panderfest went fantastically well – here’s the ridiculous (and ridiculously kickass!) promo from the weekend’s madness put together by Mission Control’s comedy overlord organization, PianoFight!!


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We’re playing Los Angeles again, at the renowned theater and training center IO West. We’re performing as part of the 6th Annual Los Angeles Improv Festival, and are humbled by the company we’ll keep. To ensure that we represent San Francisco well, we’re bringing along newly minted Crisis Swing Player Cassidy Brown. The show will differ significantly from our last performance in LA, Listen to Reason!, which we brought to the Asylum in February. We’re bringing our current mix of fast and slow that you may have seen at the Off-Night. If you’re in town, come help us pack the room and make Charna & Del happy.

Crisis Hopkins in
The Los Angeles Improv Festival

Friday June 6th, 9:30pm
in the Andy Dick Black Box
IO West
6366 Hollywood Blvd, LA

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Crisis Hopkins’ April Off-Night Spectacular features the local comedy force Killing My Lobster. A Bay Area non-profit theater and film production company, KML has been hailed by the SF Chronicle as “the closest thing San Francisco has to Second City”. They’ve been producing original sketch shows for over 10 years in San Francisco and were voted “Best Comedy Group” by the Bay Guardian and SF Weekly. They live in a compound, share sex mates, and raise their offspring communally.

As always, Crisis Hopkins will start the show with improv, and Anthony will close it with freestyle. Joining the freestyle part of the show will be special guests MC Daveed Diggs, Jelly Donut, Aimee Miles and local band The Department of Transportation (Olive Mitra, Michael Smith, & Brian Rodvien).

Crisis Hopkins’ Off-Night Spectacular
with special guests Killing My Lobster

Wednesday April 30th, 8pm
at The Climate Theater
285 9th St. at Folsom, SF

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Twilight Zone at the Dark Room
We’re staging Rod Serling’s “The Time Element”, as part of Twilight Zone V at the Dark Room. Pete Jenson, a bookie, has a recurring dream in which he wakes up in a Honolulu hotel room on the eve of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Jenson eventually becomes convinced that he is in fact a time traveler and tries to prevent the attacks. Directed by Chris Hayes, dramaturged by Sam Shaw, and starring Bryce Byerley and a bevy of local improvisers, “The Time Element” is often called “the lost pilot” of the Twilight Zone. The episode, penned by Serling when he was in college, was purchased but never used in the Twilight Zone series. It ended up as an episode of “The Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse”, with Desi Arnez in the Serling/Narrator role.

Crisis Hopkins presents:
Rod Serling’s “The Time Element”

3 performances only!
April 4th 8pm
April 5th 8pm
April 6th 3pm matinee
At The Dark Room
2263 Mission at 19th, SF

Directed by Chris Hayes
With Bryce Byerley, Sam Shaw, Aimee Miles, Dan Foley, the Libby Boys, and a special appearance by Paul Jennings as Desi Arnez.

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Off Night Spectacular

Our official SEASON 2 DEBUT is an evening at the Climate with Blind Dynamite (Craig Dickson, Chris Libby, & Rob Miles). We’ll play select games, Blind Dynamite will improvise in the long-form style, and Anthony and Julie will host a freestyle rap jam. Improv three ways on a Wednesday night: The Off-Night Spectacular.

The Off Night Spectacular
Improv with Crisis Hopkins and Blind Dynamite
Wednesday October 17th, 8pm
at The Climate Theatre
285 9th Street at Folsom
$10 (its our new mid-week reduced rate!)

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Creepshow Live

“If you grew up in the Connecticut River Valley in the 1980’s, you were most likely witness to some of Shaw’s pioneering efforts in inappropriate children’s television. His ground-breaking series – all short-lived and most leading to drawn-out legal disputes – include Blood Valley, Torture Time!, and Your Uncle’s Basement.”


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Chris, Sam & Julie are hosting a night of incredible comedy with two of San Francisco’s most exciting improv troupes. Come by the Eureka for a night of libations and serious comedy skills brought by SPF7 and Blind Dynamite.

Eureka Improv Showcase

Saturday Sept. 29th, 8pm
Eureka Theater
215 Jackson at Battery
tickets: $15
check goldstar for discounted tix

presented by False Flag Operations in association with Death Rattle.

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It’s a tour fundraiser, so come support!
Friday September 28th
at El Rio
3158 Mission at Cesar Chavez, SF
with Julie Fucking Potter and Josh Klipp
w/DJ and dancers!

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A profane, insightful and at times both funny and dark look into the communication of love. Other themes explored include Art, marriage, and of course business.

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Listen to Reason

A group of geniuses built a temporary Bandshell in the Panhandle. It’s made of recycled and reclaimed steel, circuit boards, and plastic bottles and we think there should be one in every neighborhood park. On Sunday August 5th, we filled the Panhandle Bandshell with improvisational theater for two hours.

Conceived and Executed by The Finch Mob, The Rebar Group, and Chris Guilliard, with financial support from the Black Rock Arts Foundation, the goal of the Panhandle Bandshell is “to help build community, to educate about recycling and repurposing, to show the creative potential of collaborative effort, and to illustrate the power of public art to bring a vitality to civic life.”

Part of the deal required special permits from Rec & Park if we had over 25 attendees, so we used this as an excuse to make the jam a special benefit for our mailing list subscribers. It was a total blast, and we’ll do free & secret jams again. Sam is looking for new venues this very minute.

For the insiders, we played Sound Ball, Mock, A Longform, Hot Spot, What Are You Doing?, Mock, Another Longform, and a Scenic Reprise.

Foggy, fast darkness limited our picture taking ability, but we have some shots on our PICTURES page, and are expecting more soon. Thanks to the SFIC Monday Night Jam vets, Middle School Poetry, and the various park-goers who stopped by to see who was doing the horrible Al Pacino.

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