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Wrappin’ It Up: 2005-2012

Six years since we made our debut at The Dark Room, Crisis Hopkins is now coming to an end. Our grand experiment- a democratically-run comedy troupe that ran the gamut from scenic shortform improv to tightly written sketch comedy – now comes to a close.

Six years is a healthy chunk of time for what was essentially a leaderless organization, and it was a important learning process for me personally. From our beginnings at the Dark Room, through our residency at The Climate, our revues at Stagewerx, our revival of the San Francisco Improv Festival and regular hosting gigs at Lafayette’s Town Hall Theater, we put a premium on our roles as actors and performers, and consistently put forward smart, topical comedy for general audiences.

I’m more than proud of CHop’s track record, and I look forward to building on what I learned in this laboratory in my future work. If you’re reading this, you’ve supported us in some way. Thanks for that, and thanks for supporting live, local comedy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most of us will no doubt continue performing in the area. It’s more than likely that we will also work together at some point. When that happens, we hope you come check it out. Thanks again for everything.

– Sam Shaw
Co-Founder, Crisis Hopkins Improv and Sketch Comedy

Crisis Hopkins was and forever will be: Cassidy Brown, Dan Burt, Christy Daly, Lily Harvey, Chris Hayes, Chrysteena Lairamore, Chris Libby, Rebecca Poretsky, Phil Ristaino, Sam Shaw, Anthony Veneziale, and Jamie Wright. Thanks for your support!

Crisis Hopkins Improv & Sketch Comedy
San Francisco/East Bay/South Bay, December 2005-April 2012

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